About you?

We played a few shows in our time. Here’s some. Thanks to Mart C for many here, the ???s as he neglected to note the venue. 2002 July 13 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Microjammers, Mr Warthog, Scrott, Black Mask aufmerksmakeit September 8 – Newcastle ??? w/ Trial by Fire, This Aint Vegas September 26 – The Cluny, Newcastle w/ The Bubble Project, The Four Marys PXL_20230302_213331953_2 October 31 – Metropolitan University, Leeds w/ Fugazi November 9 – 9×9, The Cluny, Newcastle w/ Posset, Mr Warthog, Futureheads, Snailracing, Cathode, Linear Negra, Brown Owl, Disco Operating System PXL_20230302_213323059_2 November 14 – Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Econoline, Written From Negative 2003 February 13 – Sunderland, Ashbrooke Cricket Club w/ And None of Them Knew They Were Robots PXL_20230302_213339607_2 February 23 – The Retro Bar, Manchester w/ Shining Reserves, Brown Owl, The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg 23-feb March 1 – 9×9 festival, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Zoviet France etc March 30 – Newcastle ??? w/ Pale Man Made,  Mushi Mushi September 19 – The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Red Monkey, Lungfish September 21 – Mumbo Arts Centre, Manchester w/ Red Monkey, Lungfish 21-sep September 22 – Social, Nottingham w/ Development of Shape, Lungfish Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 23.54.12 October 23 – Rocktober Festival, Joseph’s Well, Leeds October 27 – Stereo, Glasgow w/ Park Attack, Kill Yourself November 20 – Cumberland Arms, Byker w/ PW Long, Lake Me December 14 –  Newcastle ??? w/ Kill Yourself, Isambard Kingston Brunel 2004 March 6 – 9×9 festival, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ This Aint Vegas, Posset, Andrew Hodson etc May 27 – Newcastle ??? w/ Red Monkey, Lake Me, The Rest June 7 – Newcastle ??? w/ Retisonic, This Aint Vegas June 12 – 9×9 festival, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Lords, Lake Me etc July 17 – OLD BABY SEX SCENE release party, The Fenton, Leeds w/ Lords, This Aint Vegas, Monster Killed by Laser, That Fucking Tank, The Unpleasants, 1 to 2 Days Painting Time July 18 – The Phoenix, Manchester August 17 – Cumberland Arms, Byker w/ Prints, The Emigrants, Tears of Abraham December 1 – The Star and Garter, Manchester w/ That Fucking Tank, Hoover December 18 – Distraction Christmas All Dayer, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ – Peace Burial at Sea, Mushi Mushi, Maximo Park, Kubichek, Pillow, The Emigrants, Nev Clay 2005 February 1 – Head of Steam, Newcastle w/ Victory at Sea, The Emigrants March 14 – The Cluny, Newcastle (Fred Grand on sax) w/ Die Musikwiessenschaft Quartet, Bella, Elton Tron March 19 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w/ Monster Killed by Laser, D. Millard, That Fucking Tank November 16 – Dog & Parrot, Newcastle w/ Medications, Drawn By Lines 2006 February 26 – The Cluny, Newcastle w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man April 19 – The Portland Arms, Cambridge October 22 – Lincoln ??? w/ La Faro October 23 – The Lurking Hole, Nottingham w/ La Faro, Felix? October 24 – The Pavilion, Belfast w/ La Faro, Lords October 25 – Sandinos, Derry w/ La Faro, Lords October 26 – The Hub, Dublin w/ La Faro, Lords October 27 – The Boat Club, Limerick w/ Ivan the Tolerable, La Faro, Lords October 28 – MacGowans, Easky w/ La Faro, Lords December 14 – Star and Shadow, Newcastle w/ Aids Wolf, Paper Cut Out 2012 June 12 – Gringo Records 15th Birthday Celebrations, Contemporary, Nottingham w/ Bilge Pump, Broken Arm, Fists, Guns or Knives, Hirameka Redux, Kogumaza, Picore, Polaris, Sauna Youth, Soe’za June 29 – Star and Shadow, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Beauty Pageant, No Fit State, Bilge Pump September 23 – Split Festival, Sunderland October 6 – Tusk Festival, Star and Shadow, Newcastle upon Tyne 2013 November 23 – Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Roseanne Barrr, Beauty Pageant 2014 February 19 – Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ Rattle February 20 – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton w/ Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Sly and the Family Drone February 21 – The Victoria, Dalston w/ Snack Family, Sloath February 22 – Chameleon, Nottingham w/ Lviv, Kogumaza February 23 – M@BU Improv/Experimental Music Weekender, Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, Bradford w/ Sophie Cooper, Dean McPhee etc 2017 January 28 – Malfest, Featherstone Castle with loads of beautiful people 2018 May 17 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Savak, Grey Hairs October 19 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Miles Manley, Mondo Sadists, Kapil Seshasayee October 26 – Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ Infernal Body, Uprights October 27 – Dubrek, Derby w/ Rattle October 28 – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham w/ Kendo Nagasaki October 29 – The Blue Moon, Cambridge w/ Culture CT, Skeleton Hand 2019 March 23 – TST All dayer, Green Door Store, Brighton w/ National Funk, Kemper Norton, Snack Family, Zofff, Luminous Bodies March 24 – JT Soar, Nottingham w/ Grey Hairs September 22 – Cumberland Arms, Byker w/ Sweet Williams, Yakka Doon 2020 February 1 – fundraiser for The Firefighters Charity, The Cluny, Newcastle w/ Bilge Pump, Pinnel, Ten Sticks, Chlorine, Late Girl, The Russets 9x9posterfeb12020 February 19 – El Pumarejo, Barcelona w/ Sweet Williams, Golut uaswillbarcfeb192020
February 20 – Plug In The Gear, Benicarlo w/ Sweet Williams uaswillsbenicfeb202020 February 21 – Arrebato, Zaragoza w/ Sweet Williams February 22 – La Faena II, Madrid w/ Sweet Williams
2022 March 26 – Ashington Cricket Club w/ Gary Wilkinson, St James’ Infirmary uafobt April 18 – JT Soar, Nottingham w/ Dim Bulbs April 19 – Dareshack, Bristol w/ Olanza, Foot Foot image April 20 – South Street Arts, Reading w/ Typical Hunks, Timothy Werewolf uareading April 21 – New River Studios, London w/ Price Attack, Nic T uanrs April 22 – Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ The Bricks, Heat Wrays ualeeds April 23 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Yes Grasshopper, Shit Creek, Yakka Doon image-2 2023 February 17 – The Lubber Fiend, Newcastle w/ Too Many Things February 18 – Mabgate Bleach, Leeds w/ Objections, Too Many Things February 19 – The Blue Moon, Cambridge w/ Panic Stations, Yoke March 17 – The Old Cold Store, Nottingham w/ The Van Pelt, Cowtown March 18 – Tatty Seaside Town Friends and Favourites, The Green Door Store, Brighton w/ Tina Kit, Haress, Dean Rodney Jr and The Cowboys, Shake Chain, WORKIN MAN NOISE UNIT, Rattle, JOEYFAT, Sex Swing (and loads on Sunday including Tom House and Van Couer and Sairie and Joeythin but we had to miss them and drive for eight hours instead…. infinite big ups to the truly legendary Colin x) April 12 – New River Studios, London April 13 – Dubrek, Derby w/ Other Light, Godesses hm