About you?

We played a few shows in our time. Here’s some. Thanks to Mart C for many here, the ???s as he neglected to note the venue.


September 8 – Newcastle ??? w/ Trial by Fire, This Aint Vegas

October 31 – Metropolitan University, Leeds w/ Fugazi

November 14 – Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Econoline, Written From Negative


February 13 – Newcastle ??? w/ And None of Them Knew They Were Robots

February 23 – The Retro Bar, Manchester w/ Shining Reserves, Brown Owl, The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg


March 1 – 9×9 festival, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Zoviet France etc

March 30 – Newcastle ??? w/ Pale Man Made,  Mushi Mushi

September 19 – The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Red Monkey, Lungfish

September 21 – Mumbo Arts Centre, Manchester w/ Red Monkey, Lungfish


September 22 – Social, Nottingham w/ Development of Shape, Lungfish

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October 23 – Rocktober Festival, Joseph’s Well, Leeds

October 27 – Stereo, Glasgow w/ Park Attack, Kill Yourself

November 20 – Cumberland Arms, Byker w/ PW Long, Lake Me

December 14 –  Newcastle ??? w/ Kill Yourself, Isambard Kingston Brunel


March 6 – 9×9 festival, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ This Aint Vegas, Posset, Andrew Hodson etc

May 27 – Newcastle ??? w/ Red Monkey, Lake Me, The Rest

June 7 – Newcastle ??? w/ Retisonic, This Aint Vegas

June 12 – 9×9 festival, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Lords, Lake Me etc

July 17 – OLD BABY SEX SCENE release party, The Fenton, Leeds w/ Lords, This Aint Vegas, Monster Killed by Laser, That Fucking Tank, The Unpleasants, 1 to 2 Days Painting Time

July 18 – The Phoenix, Manchester

August 17 – Cumberland Arms, Byker w/ Prints, The Emigrants, Tears of Abraham

December 1 – The Star and Garter, Manchester w/ That Fucking Tank, Hoover

December 18 – Distraction Christmas All Dayer, The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ – Peace Burial at Sea, Mushi Mushi, Maximo Park, Kubichek, Pillow, The Emigrants, Nev Clay


February 1 – Head of Steam, Newcastle w/ Victory at Sea, The Emigrants

March 14 – The Cluny, Newcastle (Fred Grand on sax) w/ Die Musikwiessenschaft Quartet, Bella, Elton Tron

March 19 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w/ Monster Killed by Laser, D. Millard, That Fucking Tank

November 16 – Dog & Parrot, Newcastle w/ Medications, Drawn By Lines


February 26 – The Cluny, Newcastle w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man

April 19 – The Portland Arms, Cambridge

October 22 – Lincoln ??? w/ La Faro

October 23 – The Lurking Hole, Nottingham w/ La Faro, Felix?

October 24 – The Pavilion, Belfast w/ La Faro, Lords

October 25 – Sandinos, Derry w/ La Faro, Lords

October 26 – The Hub, Dublin w/ La Faro, Lords

October 27 – The Boat Club, Limerick w/ Ivan the Tolerable, La Faro, Lords

October 28 – MacGowans, Easky w/ La Faro, Lords

December 14 – Star and Shadow, Newcastle w/ Aids Wolf, Paper Cut Out


June 12 – Gringo Records 15th Birthday Celebrations, Contemporary, Nottingham w/ Bilge Pump, Broken Arm, Fists, Guns or Knives, Hirameka Redux, Kogumaza, Picore, Polaris, Sauna Youth, Soe’za

June 29 – Star and Shadow, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Beauty Pageant, No Fit State, Bilge Pump

September 23 – Split Festival, Sunderland

October 6 – Tusk Festival, Star and Shadow, Newcastle upon Tyne


November 23 – Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne w/ Roseanne Barrr, Beauty Pageant


February 19 – Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ Rattle

February 20 – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton w/ Workin’ Man Noise Unit, Sly and the Family Drone

February 21 – The Victoria, Dalston w/ Snack Family, Sloath

February 22 – Chameleon, Nottingham w/ Lviv, Kogumaza

February 23 – M@BU Improv/Experimental Music Weekender, Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, Bradford w/ Sophie Cooper, Dean McPhee etc


January 28 – Malfest, Featherstone Castle with loads of beautiful people


May 17 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Savak, Grey Hairs

October 19 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Miles Manley, Mondo Sadists, Kapil Seshasayee

October 26 – Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ Infernal Body, Uprights

October 27 – Dubrek, Derby w/ Rattle

October 28 – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham w/ Kendo Nagasaki

October 29 – The Blue Moon, Cambridge w/ Culture CT, Skeleton Hand


March 23 – TST All dayer, Green Door Store, Brighton w/ National Funk, Kemper Norton, Snack Family, Zofff, Luminous Bodies

March 24 – JT Soar, Nottingham w/ Grey Hairs

September 22 – Cumberland Arms, Byker w/ Sweet Williams, Yakka Doon


February 1 – fundraiser for The Firefighters Charity, The Cluny, Newcastle w/ Bilge Pump, Pinnel, Ten Sticks, Chlorine, Late Girl, The Russets


February 19 – El Pumarejo, Barcelona w/ Sweet Williams, Golut


February 20 – Plug In The Gear, Benicarlo w/ Sweet Williams


February 21 – Arrebato, Zaragoza w/ Sweet Williams

February 22 – La Faena II, Madrid w/ Sweet Williams


March 26 – Ashington Cricket Club w/ Gary Wilkinson, St James’ Infirmary


April 18 – JT Soar, Nottingham w/ Dim Bulbs

April 19 – Dareshack, Bristol w/ Olanza, Foot Foot image

April 20 – South Street Arts, Reading w/ Typical Hunks, Timothy Werewolf


April 21 – New River Studios, London w/ Price Attack, Nic T


April 22 – Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ The Bricks, Heat Wrays


April 23 – Cumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Yes Grasshopper, Shit Creek, Yakka Doon